What we do?

• Procurement of medical supplies and consumables.
• Medical outreaches/mission.
• Medical contracts.
• Provide Medical Information Communication technologies (ICT).
• Purchase, lease, acquire, establish, maintain, manage hospitals, Health centers, Diagnostic and Research centers.
• Carry out Medical and Clinical research.
• Provide Medical Rehabilitation and support to at least two persons quarterly irrespective of sex, color, race, religion, age as deem fit by the board.
• Provide Hospital services
To establish,run, promote, make investment in educational institution ,schools, colleges , educational institutes for imparting medical and healthcare education and management.

We exhibit the highest level of effective and efficient performance in clinical practice, healthcare services and delivery, organization, medical research in the prevention and management of ailment/disease.


Our policy and practices in our office, jobs, and environment and host communities is centered on zero harm philosophy. However, we enforce consistent global health standards to safety of our workers and host communities.
All employees including sub-contractor employees and self-employed person have the responsibility to co-operate with supervisor and managers to comply with statutory provision to achieve a healthy and safe work place.